STOTT PILATES® Certification Online Application

Registration Details

Applications must be accompanied by 2 letters of reference and a $300 (+ HST) deposit (non-refundable). Space is limited and applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Space will only be reserved upon the receipt of all application materials and deposit. If you are applying online, your 2 letters of reference can sent by email, fax or mail. Click here for our contact information. Certification course fees.

Cancellation Policy

All registration fees are due seven days prior to course start date. Please note that once payment and confirmation of the course have been made, there are no refunds.

Contact Information

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Intensive Program

Select the program(s) you want to register for:

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[contact-field type=”checkbox” label=”Course B Intensive Reformer (50 hours) or IR (50 hours)” /]
[contact-field type=”checkbox” label=”Course C Intensive Cadillac, Chair and Barrels (50 hours) or ICCB (50 hours)” /]

Payment Information

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Relevant Education

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Relevant Experience

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Personal Information

[contact-field label=”Do you have any injuries, conditions (including current or recent pregnancy), or postural issues that may affect your performance during the course?” type=”textarea” required=”true” /]
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